Thursday, December 21, 2017

Trump And The Republicans Rushed Through Tax Cuts For The Richest 1 Percent But Refused To Fund Health Insurance For 9 Million Children

On Wednesday the Congress and the Senate passed a major tax cut benefiting multi-billion dollar corporations and the wealthy one percenters yet chose to delay action on their promise to include funding for children of low-income families in the short-term government funding bill.

It’s been 81 days since Congress missed the original deadline to refinance the program.

Wednesday's inaction exacerbates the already dire situation for the millions of children who rely on the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides low-cost health insurance to a total of about nine million children nationwide and, in 20 states, pregnant women also qualify for coverage.

The program, jointly financed by state and federal government, has always been a bipartisan effort but is for some reason being dismantled by Republican inaction this year.

As many as 9 million children could be affected by the Republican's intractability on the program's financing.

The Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families published a report Wednesday that said if Congress fails to approve long-term funding, 1.9 million children who depend on CHIP could lose coverage in the month of January alone.

Children most at risk of losing coverage live in states where officials created a separate CHIP program, as opposed to one that is an expansion of its Medicaid program. States that fall into this category are permitted to shut down CHIP coverage if federal funding runs out.

Many believe the freeze is to stop the flow of incoming children to the program.

Congress has 10 days to ensure people who rely on CHIP and centers continue to get served next year.

It looks like the Republicans have made clear their priorities.

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