Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A LOAD OF CLAP! Twenty Five Percent Of Trump's SOTU Address Was Solely Republicans Applauding Him

Last night at Donald Trump's first State of the Union address he received an embarrassing 110 rounds of applause and more than 70 standing ovations.

It was calculated that approximately 29.75 minutes of the speech spent was spent applauding.

Democrats, who for the most part sat on their hands during the applause breaks, left the Republicans on the hook for around 95 percent of that clapping.

As Trump's speech clocked in at 1:20:29 that means that roughly one quarter of his speech was spent standing at the podium basking in the adulation bestowed upon him by his adoring GOP brethren.

Republicans applauded a man who escaped North Korea, Otto Warmbier's parents, an Ohio welder who got a tax cut bonus, two parents of children lost to MS-13 gang member violence, a cop who adopted a baby.

Hell Trump even applauded himself so many times the internet clapped back at him!

The Daily News nailed the ridiculous show of sycophancy with today's cover...


As a result of the snails pace at which Trump read the teleprompter and the multitude of "spontaneous" applause breaks the speech logged in as the third-longest State of the Union only surpassed by the infamously loquacious Bill Clinton in 1995 and 2000.

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