Monday, January 22, 2018

Donald Trump Lied 2,140 Times In His First Year In Office

After only a single year in office, a mere 365 days, Donald Trump has lied 2,140 times.

According to The Washington Post's ongoing project that catalogs all of Trump's false and misleading claims the man presently residing in the White house lies an average of nearly 5.9 times a day.

The Posts project was originally only supposed to span Trump's first 100 days because the media could not possibly keep up with the pace and volume of his misstatements but the database proved so useful that they now intend to keep it going through the rest of Trump’s time in office.

The Post even designed an interactive graphic that displays a running list of every one of Trump's lies.

Here is a screenshot of the project findings in graph form...

Click image to go to the graphic

Here are some of the interesting numbers amassed by the project...

• There were only 56 days or about 15 percent of the time that Trump did not outright lie (These were often days when Trump golfed). 
• On July 25, when Trump held a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, the project recorded 52 false claims. 
• On Nov. 29, when he spoke in St. Louis, they counted 49 false claims. 
• On Dec. 8, when Trump stumped for Senate hopeful Roy Moore at a rally in Pensacola, Fla. he lied 44 times. 
• Trump lied 61 times claiming that the Affordable Care Act was failing or on the edge of disaster despite evidence that the program will remain stable for the foreseeable future. 
• Trump lied 57 times about having the biggest tax cut in U.S. history, even though Treasury Department data shows it ranks eighth
• Trump lied 59 times that the United States pays the highest corporate taxes when in reality companies end up paying, after deductions and benefits, a much lower amount than the statutory tax rate. 
• As for Russian interference in the 2016 election, Trump lied 44 times giving a variation of the statement that it was a hoax perpetuated by Democrats

The project also employs a Trump Promise Tracker that tracks the status of 60 key promises made by Trump. As of Jan. 17, the tracker shows that he’s kept 11 and broken 15, compromised on 7, and the rest are either stuck or still in progress.

If anyone was keeping track, and they were, President Obama only made false and misleading claims six times in his first year in office and only twice in his second. What a piker.

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