Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Donald Trump Is Using Unsecured Communication Devices That Could Be Easily Hacked By A Foreign Government... Just Like A Common Hillary Clinton!

Remember when Hillary Clinton's private server controversy received an enormous amount of coverage and outrage during the 2016 presidential election?

Remember how the mere thought that Clinton might have used a device that could have been hacked by foreign governments, therefore putting our national security at risk, hung around her campaigns neck like an albatross.

Do you recall all those accusations from Republicans and the Trump campaign that she broke laws and revealed classified government secrets to our adversaries was a never-ending outrage loop that played 24-7 on Fox News.

Yeah, about that.

Earlier this week Politico reported that Donald Trump refuses to use a secure cell phone to carry out the countries business and there was nary a peep by the GOP or their state run television station.

The article, released on Monday, detailed that Trump is presently using a cellphone that has not been equipped with proper security and that he flat out refuses to give up the device despite attempts by those around him to upgrade it's defenses against hackers.

The article revealed that Trump uses two cellphones, one dedicated for his Twitter addiction and another to make all his late night calls to Sean Hannity.

The problem is that the latter of the two has both a camera and microphone which security experts have warned him can be exploited by hackers.

According to the report Trump has gone as long as five months without getting his Twitter phone checked by security experts, posing additional risks.

For comparison President Barack Obama turned over his phones every 30 days to be examined for hacking and other suspicious activities.

And as we have been told by both the Republicans and Trump over and over and over again the significance of compromised governmental communications could be enormous!

Remember Trump isn't just some lowly Secretary of State and often uses his cellphone to speak with friends, advisers, former business partners, lawmakers and even the heads of countries like Russia... ohh... Ah, okay, now it starts to make sense.

In any event Trump's reluctance to secure his personal communications has most likely already exposed him to domestic or foreign surveillance efforts so now we have to LOCK HIM UP!

That was the law according to Republicans and the Trump campaign during the 2016 elections and by all rights should still be in play.

If anyone does ever gets ahold of Trump's phone we're guessing their going to find a yuge cache of pee-pee porn and love letters to uncle Putin.

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