Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Gaslighting Trump Calls On Democrats To "End The Horrible Law" That Separates Children From Parents At The Border... THAT HE STARTED!

After severe backlash over reports and images of children as young as two years old being forcibly removed from their parents at the border Donald Trump on Saturday urged his voters to pressure Democrats to "end the horrible law"...

He even got his state run television station to hop on board with a story containing a headline blasting out his narrative about those dirty Dems...

Yeah, about that.

The problem with that "demand" about that "Horrible Law" is that it was Trump himself that ramped up the separation of families held at the U.S.-Mexico border.

It began two weeks ago on May 7th when Trump had his Attorney General Jeff Sessions say that the Homeland Security Department will refer “100 percent of illegal southwest border crossings” to the Justice Department for prosecution.

This in turn triggered the law that allows for the transfer of the custody of children.

This was evidenced when Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen then signed a memo directing the department to refer all suspected border-crossers to the Justice Department, according to a DHS official.

Since Trump had that law put into place children encountered at the border are now being classified as unaccompanied minors if their parents are prosecuted and detained for criminal charges. When that occurs, the children are taken away from their parents and transferred into the custody of the Health and Human Services Department.

But how can we be so sure that this is actually a Trump initiated acton and not something the Democrats put into effect?

Because the American Civil Liberties Union is suing the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION on behalf of the separated families and not the Democrats.

The ACLU even express disgust at Trump’s lie in a tweet of their own...

This perversion was designed entirely by Donald Trump to punish migrant families coming to this country looking for the American dream and delight his virulently anti-immigrant base who despise them all.

But now that there is an outcry against this horrific practice Trump and his acolytes have decided to begin a gaslighting campaign blaming the Democrats who are, by the way, the minority in all three branches of government and had no power to enact the "horrible law" or "end" it for that matter.

This is not the first time Trump has tried this strategy

Last month when he was speaking to California officials about immigration Trump falsely blamed Democrats for the exact same policy he put into place separating parents and their children...

We have to break up families,” because of “bad laws that the Democrats gave us,

Predictable if anything.

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