Monday, May 21, 2018

HEAR THEE, HEAR THEE! King Trump Does "Hereby Demand" A Justice Department Probe Into His Already Debunked Campaign "Spy" Claim

In an absurd Sunday morning tweet King Donald J Trumpington III declared that he would “hereby demand” a Justice Department investigation into whether the "FBI/DOJ infiltrated” his 2016 presidential campaign at the behest of President Obama.

Here is that royal decree...

That bit of self-serving fan fiction was one of about a half-dozen angry social media posts he wrote in just over one hour.

His royal highness' tweet was an apparent reference to a new conspiracy theory dreamed up in the right wing fever swamps and mainstreamed by Fox News that a spy was embedded into the Trump's 2016 campaign.

The wing nuts and their Dear Leader are determined to keep this story line alive despite it being thoroughly debunked when the New York Time's reported on Friday that it was not a "spy" but instead an FBI source whom had met three of Trump's advisors Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis as part of its investigation into Russian interference with the American election.

Proponents of reality based thinking have recoiled at Trump’s demand for an investigation of his political opponents and career law enforcement agents citing it would be tantamount to an abuse of power by this administration.

What is most stunning about this story is that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein actually issued a statement based solely on Trump's rage tweet saying that, if, in fact, anyone did infiltrate the campaign appropriate action will be taken. Seriously!

When all is said and done this ploy is nothing but an attempt by Trump and his right wing lapdogs to troll all his detractors to the point of distraction and delight his followers with threats that fly in the face of the very laws that shape our American democracy.

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