Sunday, May 27, 2018

Under Trump The Agency That Cares For Migrant Children Detained At The US/Mexico Border Lost 1,500 Of Them... In One Month!

Under Trump's watch the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is meant to place children taken at the U.S.-Mexico border and put into the care of a parent or sponsor, admitted it lost nearly 1,475 of them.

The horrifying statistic was revealed in Senate testimony released last month.

In addition nearly to the nearly 1,500 missing children, the agency admitted that 28 ran away and 52 were living with someone other than their initial sponsor.

According to Steve Wagner, the acting assistant secretary with the Administration for Children and Families, the ORR was unable to determine with certainty the whereabouts of the children they were responsible between October and December.

After admitting to losing over 20 percent of those children Wagner stated, in what can only be described a soulless, that the ORR was not legally responsible to find those children after they were released.

Wagner did however say he would be taking a “fresh look” at whether the office should have more responsibility to protect the children it takes and gives away.

The problem stems from the fact that under Trump fewer parents aren't able to come forward to claim their children which means they are sitting in custody for longer periods of time. This in turn means a smaller percentage of children are going back to parents and are instead being sent to sponsors or other more distant relatives.

This is when the ORR loses them.

In 2017 alone, more than 40,000 children were taken from the U.S.-Mexico border by the Department of Homeland Security and handed over to the agency.

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