Monday, June 11, 2018

Celebrity Apprentice: Nuclear Edition!


History was made and nothing was accomplished.

Don't get me wrong.

If this meeting between Fat Man and Little Boy even inches us closer to peace I'm all for it.

And make no mistake I realize that no one but Trump could have pulled this glorified photo-op as his party would have stroked out if the picture had looked anything like this...

The very right wing media that is exalting Trump for this summit would have crucified President Obama.

But it was their servile mentality coupled with an inability to criticize anything their Dear Leader does allowed this vanity summit to occur.

Now granted while nothing was achieved and North Korea got every single thing they have wanted for decades without making a single concession the fact that the people of the Korean peninsula might be sleeping a little easier tonight is not nothing.

But remember we have been here with North Korea before and they have pulled the rug out from underneath us single every time.

Add to that the fact that North Korea and Kim Jong Un have gotten what they've always wanted.

Parity with the United States and it's leader. The image of their Supreme leader shaking hands with Trump on an even playing field while flanked by the two countries flags interlocked behind them.

And Trump gave it to him for nothing.

The problem was, as bad as Kim wanted to be seen as an equal to the world's most powerful leaders, Trump wanted the photo-op even more.

Pyongyang will play this summit on a loop and rightfully so. They won.

Now we have to figure out what to do with the menace that is Canada and their murderous despotic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!!!!

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