Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Don't Fall For Trump's Faux Outrage Over Sarah Sanders Being Asked To Leave The Red Hen Restaurant... It's A Diversion (*UPDATE)

Donald Trump and the right wing media are falling all over themselves about a weekend non-story about Trump's Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, being asked to leave The Red Hen restaurant because they disagreed with her defense of her boss' policies.

The owner of the eatery, Stephanie Wilkinson, explained that she strongly disagreed with Sanders defense on a wide array of Trump's controversial comments and actions.

When alerted that Sanders and her entourage were at her restaurant she walked over to the table where she was seated, politely asked her to join her outside, and explained that her establishment has...

certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion and cooperation,

There were no hysterics, Wilkinson was polite, Sanders left, their meals were comped and the story should have ended there.

But Nooooooooo!

Trump, who is presently engulfed in multiple scandals, several investigations and outrage over his border policy of tearing children away from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border saw a perfect issue to exploit, muddy the waters and take the red hot spotlight off his fat ass.

It started when Sanders, a full day after the "incident", tweeted about the restaurant on her government twitter account...

First of all this is a clear ethics violation as federal officials are prohibited from using their Twitter accounts to attack private businesses.

That being said it was also the starting gun for the avalanche of right wing media feigned outrage and hit pieces against not only the restaurant but the Democrats, liberals and the left in general.

Here are a few examples...

• Fox News' Sean Hannity began his show lamenting the “threatening women and children,” going on to claim that no one is safe from the “mob mentality of the Left” and their “dirty political discrimination,

• The Fox News website ran a story with a title blaring out the warning: Targeting Trump aides: The politics of rage is out of control,"

• On Trump's favorite show Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt evoked the false equivalency of racial discrimination when she asked: ”The lady who owns this restaurant, is she allowed to do that? Is that discrimination?

• Fox correspondent called any protests against Trump officials a “quiet civil war.” 

• Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations claimed that denying Sanders service at a restaurant “violates the spirit of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  

• On C-SPAN a Republican caller said of the Red Hen that one of Sanders' fans might "decide to burn it down for her,” for asking her to leave.

• The owner of the restaurant is now having her home address and phone number circulated on social media like 4chan and Reddit.

• There are thousands of Trump supporters are taking to their social media making fake reservations, death threats, vandalizing, and calling for the destruction of any restaurant that bears the name Red Hen as far away as Limerick, Ireland!

• Even daddy Huckabee had to get in on the act firing off this tweet...

*Bigotry? I didn't know someone could be prejudiced against a person for their choice to sell their soul and lie for a living.

And then it was time for Trump to chime in, via tweet of course, to malign the Red Hen violating the same ethics clause as Sanders did....

Somehow you just know he's talking about himself.

Trump's criticisms ring especially hollow considering the fact that health inspectors found 13 violations at Trump's beloved Mar-a-lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida last year.

But after all was said and done the desired effect was achieved as an entire 72 hour news cycle was engulfed by the Red Hen outrage.

This while...

• 2,300 babies and children sit in internment camps awaiting reunification with their parents after being ripped away from them just for seeking asylum in America.

• Trump's tariff wars spike the stock market and are now causing a wave of layoffs around the U.S.

• North Korea continues to build it's nuclear arsenal as Trump concedes to Kim Jong Un's wishes to cease our joint military readiness exercises with South Korea.

• Trump continues his efforts to kill our planet by ending environmental protections in a twisted effort to please multi-billion dollar corporations.

And that is just from last week alone!!!!

And lest we forget that the Supreme court just ruled that bakeries can still refuse to serve gay couples because they don't agree with their lifestyle choices.

Hmm, kinda seems like the owners of The Red Hen don't agree with Sarah Huckabee Sanders' lifestyle choices.

But as they say: At least Sanders wasn't judged by the color of her skin but instead for the content of her character.

UPDATE - Don't forget that in 2012 the owner of the cookie shop "Crumb And Get It" turned down the opportunity to serve the-Vice President Joe Biden citing that he had...

A difference of opinion of the folks in that campaign, that’s what it was. Also, taking a stance for my faith, my faith in God,

The right hailed him as a small business hero receiving attention from local news crews as well as a steady stream of customers and telephone orders and a shout out by the GOP...

Hypocrisy thy name is Republican.

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