Thursday, June 28, 2018

GRIFTER$: Trump Rakes It In As His Properties Bank $16.1 Million In Political And Taxpayer Spending

A new report shows that since 2015 at least $16.1 million has poured into Trump managed and branded hotels, golf courses and restaurants.

The money has poured in from his campaign, Republican organizations, and government agencies and Trump, who's business interests are overseen by a trust of which he is the sole beneficiary, profits from all of it.

ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization that produces investigative journalism, says they arrived at the total by...

"compiling campaign finance reports from the Federal Election Commission; state government spending gleaned from dozens of state websites and portals; and federal agency expenditure records obtained by the Washington-based transparency organization Property of the People,"

To obtain the information Property of the People filed Freedom of Information Act requests with 15 different federal agencies suing four of them to obtain the records.

The investigation shows that some $13.5 million was taken by Trump’s presidential campaign while Republican Senate and House political committees and campaigns shelled out at least another $2.1 million at Trump properties.

At least $400,000 has been spent by federal, state and local agencies.

The report does believe the state and local numbers appear to be a grossly undercounted due to the agencies’ spotty disclosures and reporting.

The use of taxpayer dollars at Trump owned properties was already under scrutiny as the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland are currently suing Trump citing an anti-corruption provision of the U.S. Constitution known as the Emoluments Clause that prohibits any financial gift, or emolument, from benefiting a sitting public official, including the president.

The final dollar amount does not include the cost to the taxpayer for Trump's 161 days spent at his own hotels like Mar-a-Lago or his 118 days spent on his private golf courses.

It is estimated that each weekend Trump spends at his properties costs the U.S. taxpayer over $3 million dollars putting the cost at over $240 million.

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