Monday, June 11, 2018

IT'S ON: Dotard VS Little Rocket Man!

Trump and Kim impersonators on the streets of Singapore... Personally I trust them more than the genuine articles

Donald "Dotard" Trump arrived in Singapore Sunday for the historic nuclear summit showdown with his former nemesis "Rocket Man" Kim Jong Un.

Trump arrived two days ahead of Tuesday’s meeting with the North Korea's leader whom he had once threatened with “fire and fury" as well as the total destruction of his country.

But all is forgiven as this episode of the Celebrity Apprentice: Nuclear Edition promises to bring in the biggest ratings since the Reagan vs Gorbachev summit episode way back in 1985!

The stakes for this season are high but the bar has been set so very low.

There are, as of today, no demands, no conditions, no agenda, no timetable and no set agreement on what would constitute a successful summit.

How can you fail when you have no goals.

But not to worry as Trump has been bragging all week that he will know “in the first five seconds” whether Kim was serious about these talks.

Trump told reporters this weekend that...

It’s just my touch, my feel — thats what I do,

Well that's a load off my mind.

As an incentive to Kim to make nice with this whole nuclear summit thingy the Dotard himself has personally promised "madman" Kim Jong Un an all expense paid trip to the White House if things "go well".

As a matter of fact Trump is so upbeat about the prospects for a successful summit with the despot that he has floated the possible opening of an embassy in Pyongyang.

Buckle up this is going to be a shitstorm.

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