Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trump Gets Punked And Ridiculed At His Fake Super Bowl Anthem Photo-Op... #DamnKneelers!

After disinviting the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles to the White House on Tuesday, and then canceling a "fan only" celebration Donald Trump decided he would hold a hastily assembled event in "Celebration Of America" and it's glorious and sacred national anthem.

But according to video and a photos posted to social media Trump's team didn't do enough stringent vetting of the "fans" and it turns out a few "kneelers" slipped through the security and did their thing during the playing of the anthem...

In addition a Swedish national public television reporter invited to the event posted a video of a man in a light-blue shirt is kneeling as the United States Marine Band plays The Star-Spangled Banner...

Another source of mockery stemmed from the fact that when The United States Army Chorus sang God Bless America Trump appeared not to know the words of the sacred song and instead mouthed the words...

This of course prompted mass ridicule on the Twitter.

After the playing of the national anthem Trump spoke about the importance of standing for the the song but did not mention the Eagles or the NFL.

Trump did however say the event was...

even bigger than we had anticipated,

Because of course he did.

By there way it was reported that those in attendance at today's event were largely comprised of congressional staffers...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trump's stunt in which he obviously sought both a primo photo-op and a quick way to capi­tal­ize politically on his latest induced culture war against the National Football League was met with a severe backlash from many prominent athletes and sports figures.

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