Monday, June 25, 2018

Trump Says Immigrants "Invading Our Country" Calls For Deportations Without "Judges Or Court Cases"

Obviously Donald Trump has not come terms with having to sign an executive order last week to reverse his inhumane immigration policy of imprisoning babies and toddlers and is feeling the need to lash out at those whom he perceives had hurt him.

This was evidenced by his early morning anti-immigrant screed in which he called for the deportation of "these people" invading our country without due process by doing away with "Judges or Court Cases,"...

In another tweet, Trump lamented that we were being "laughed at all over the world,”...

I do not think our immigration policy is high on the list of why people "all over the world" are laughing at us these days.

In any event, anyone who possess a sixth grade education in civics knows that under U.S. and international law, undocumented immigrants entering the country to seek asylum have a right to apply for that status and have their requests considered on the merits. Additionally undocumented immigrants who have been in the country a certain amount of time also have various legal protections.

But laws are not for Dear Leader Trump. They gives him a sad.

Trump’s tweets are obviously his version of a child's tantrum for having to say sorry for his behavior after he has been caught red haded doing something terrible.

In Trump case though that terrible thing just happened to be tearing 2,300 children and babies out of the arms of their parents at the U.S./Mexico border and imprisoning them in detention centers.

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