Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump's New Executive Order Will Illegally Lock Up Whole Families Indefinitely... And That's Exactly What He Wants

Today Donald Trump signed an executive order to stop his own policy of separating immigrant children from their families at the border.

The order revealed that Trump's solution to the inhumane problem he created is to lock up immigrant parents and their children together... indefinitely.

The plan is destined to fail as he does not possess the legal authority to put his plan into motion.

But perhaps Trump knew this already.

I'll explain.

As it turns out the executive order Trump signed conflicts with a 1997 court settlement named the Flores agreement and an ensuing 2015 court ruling that required the government to release child migrants from detention after 20 days with their parents.

And yet when Trump signed the order he claimed that his "zero tolerance" policy for illegal entry would continue.

This means his administration will still aggressively prosecute parents who cross the border with their children resulting with the parents being locked up with their children while criminal proceedings go forward.

That could take years.

This will trigger the aforementioned "Flores agreement" that would call for the child's release and the parents along with them.

And as Trump can’t dismiss federal judges’ rulings by decree his executive order will ultimately fail.

But not before it triggers, and here's the important part, a showdown between his administration and human rights activists in court.

It is for this reason that it is entirely plausible that Trump knew this would happen and it all comes down to optics.

Imprisoning children you have just torn out of the arms of their parents is bad optics.

However, fighting the "good fight" against the bleeding heart liberals in a court battle to save America from the invading brown people is... good optics!

The ensuing battle against releasing immigrant families from detention is one Trump has already branded the Democrat “catch and release” program which he is presently trying to change through legislation but has been unable to.

But the legal battle his newly minted executive order will set off will serve as a perfect proxy war for that legislation and in the end, however it resolves itself, the ensuing fight will leave Trump looking tough on immigration.

Or as they would call it... Good optics.

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