Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Federal prosecutors Have 12 Michael Cohen Audio Recordings In Their Possession

Today we found out from court filings that Michael Cohen's "secret recording" of Donald Trump discussing a pay off to his porn star mistress is not the only "secret recording" of Cohen's floating around out there.

It turns out the Federal prosecutors investigating Trump's former personal lawyer and fixer have received 11 other audio recordings from the materials seized by the FBI during the searches of Cohen's home, office and hotel room.

A so called "taint-team" that was previously reviewing the seized material for attorney-client privilege wrote in court filings that the parties involved in the case had withdrawn their privilege designation on the 12 audio files.

Due to this development recordings, that had been under consideration by the special master Barbara Jones, were handed over to prosecutors.

The filing, however, doesn't specify who is captured on the recordings, the subjects of the conversations or anything at all about the files for that matter since the special master process reviews the seized material only for questions of attorney-client privilege, not for relevance.

For his part Trump denied any wrongdoing and called the recordings "Inconceivable" in a weekend tweet...

FYI - Only one party needs to consent to a recording in the state of New York so it is not, as Trump implied in his tweet, "perhaps illegal".

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