Friday, July 27, 2018

Trump Misses The Court Ordered Deadline To Reunite Families Separated Under His "Zero Tolerance" Immigration Policy

The Trump administration has only reunited 1,442 out of 2,551 migrant children with their parents ahead of the midnight July 26th court-ordered deadline.

The failure was made public through a court filing on Thursday at 6pm.

This news comes after California U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw told government lawyers that they had until the aforementioned deadline to reunite all eligible parents with their children.

Additionally 711 of the children have not been reunited with their parents and the government has not committed to a timeline for finding them.

431 of those children have parents who have already been deported according to the court filing.

Earlier in the week, the government said it expected to reunify 1,637 parents with their children.

Asked on Thursday whether that was still the goal, the officials refused to commit to a number for reunification saying instead that

the data is dynamic,

Whatever the hell that means.

Making the entire fiasco even more disastrous are the stories of immigrant parents who have recounted to attorneys that they were blackmailed into “waiving” their given right to seek amnesty in order to be reunited with their children.

The ACLU, which is representing the parents, at least 120 parents orally waived reunification while 85 parents signed deportation waivers under the threat of their children's welfare hanging over their heads.

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