Monday, July 30, 2018

Trump Moves Forward With His Policy That Will Force Out HIV Positive Military Service Members For No Reason

Donald Trump has announced he will put into effect a policy that will effectively discharge U.S. Military service members living with HIV for literally no other reason.

The new Trump-era policy is known informally as “Deploy or Get Out.” and was unveiled on February 14th.

The policy will begin separation procedures for service members who have been labeled "non-deployable".

Approved by Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis the new rule would remove military personnel who are medically unable to deploy, must be discharged after 12 months.

Due to an antiquated policy and the hysteria surrounding the the condition in the early days of the epidemic, HIV positive service members fall under the heading of those considered "non-deployable".

This makes no sense as medication now available allows people to live a normal lifespan with HIV.

The treatment, a once-a-day pill, can reduce a persons viral load to levels so low they're undetectable making their HIV effectively untrabnsmittable.

Even if the government did not want to deploy HIV positive troops there are positions in the armed forces for qualified personal that don’t even require them to deploy.

Estimates put the number of service members are living with HIV at about 1,200.

Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN asked a federal court to stop the military from separating servicemembers over HIV status accompanied by two lawsuits, Harrison v. Mattis and Voe v. Mattis, which seek to overturn the policy permanently.

Another very real fear is that under the guise of the “Deploy or Get Out” policy Trump will begin to discharge transgender service members as well.

The policy, which goes into mandatory effect October 1st, was never a problem until now as under President Obama people living with HIV were allowed to serve.

If you were wondering troops who are pregnant are exempt from the policy.

This is yet another example of Trump exhibiting his prejudice and disdain against men and women who possess the courage he does not having taken five deferments from the military rather than serve his country.

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