Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump Hits Obamacare Again By Wiping Out Funding To Help Americans Find Affordable Insurance

Donald Trump will cut at least $26 million in funding from the Affordable Care Act outreach program which funds non-profits and grassroots groups that help Americans sign up for affordable health insurance.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced Tuesday that it would only provide $10 million for the navigator program for this fall's open enrollment season.

This will force these groups to make do with about one-fourth of the federal funding they got for this year’s open enrollment causing downsizing and the scaling back of services.

This comes after Trump's move last year that cut the outreach program to only $36 million in funding, down from $63 million in 2016.

These drastic reductions are paired with Trump's 90% cut in Obamacare's advertising budget.

Adding insult to injury the navigators applying for funding are now being advised to "educate" people about the newly expanded alternatives to Obamacare, such as association health plans and short-term plans that are cheaper but don't provide all of the Affordable Care Act's consumer protections.

This is because Trump knows that more people who sign up for these policies will effectively weaken Obamacare by siphoning off younger and healthier enrollees.

Trump's actions will, in the end, achieve his goal of destroying President Obama's signature achievement.

A death by a thousand cuts if you will (not yet considered a pre-existing condition).

Trump's attempt at destroying the program has only served to make it harder for people to get coverage. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a report demonstrating the effects of his sabotage and the higher premiums Americans will have to pay because of it.

Open enrollment for 2019 coverage begins in November.

Get it while it lasts.

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