Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump’s Trade War Is Going To Add A $350 Million "Tax" On America's Beer!

According to an analysis by the Beer Institute Donald Trump’s trade war will dramatically increase the manufacturing costs of American brewers and beer importers.

The Study assesses that Trump’s decision to impose a 10% tariff on all aluminum imports and a 25% tariff on all steel imports will will increase the annual cost of beer production in the U.S. by $347.7 million per year.

This is due to the fact that aluminum cans are the single largest cost in American beer production.

Those extra costs incurred by the companies will undoubtably be passed on to consumers who purchase their product.

These beer manufacturers are accusing Trump of effectively imposing a new “tax” on their product.

The added costs will be felt industry-wide, from the largest brewers to the smallest micro-breweries and will most likely impact the 2.2 million jobs supported by the beer industry.

The beer industry is following a pattern similar to soda companies, like Donald Trump's preferred drink of choice Coca-Cola, which recently announced that it would raise prices to compensate for the tariffs.

Trump recently claimed that...

trade wars are good, and easy to win,

I have a feeling it is more likely that when Joe Six-Pack finds out that he's going to have to shell out even more of his hard earned pay for his after work beer he's gonna' curse the day he voted for Trump.

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