Friday, January 25, 2013

Trouble In Paradise

In what many had privately been speculating Fox News has parted ways with Sarah Palin.

Palin signed a $1 million-a-year contract with the network in 2010 but has not been offered a renewal.

According to The New York Times The right wing news outlet has, in a statement, wished Palin "the best".

Apparently a rift formed between Palin and long time Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Ailes had mocked her in past by claiming "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings", and is said to have privately labeled her "stupid."

In all honesty we will miss her. She was more harmful to her own cause than anything us lefties could dream up.

*UPDATE - The University of Minnesota's Eric Ostermeier counted every single word Palin said during her three year stint on Fox News, and divided them by the $3 million she was paid and          concluded she was paid  $15.85 per word.

I applaud Eric Ostermeier's effort because there is no amount of money you could pay me to sit through every interview Palin did for Fox and listen to.... every.... single.... word..... Ugh.

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