Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No Matter How Hard They Try Racists Just Aren't Funny...

Y'know who's not funny. Racists aren't funny. You wanna' know how I came to that undeniable conclusion? The following examples of their humor may lend some insight.

Let's start in Colorado where an anti-immigrant bumper sticker with a violent message is all the rage among the discerning racist these days.

The bumper sticker in question is intended as a joke for people who find the idea of killing immigrants funny (ie. racists). The sticker reads “illegal immigrant hunting permit” over a map of the continental United States. Underneath the map are the words “No bag limit -- tagging not required,”.

Here is a picture of the item…
The sticker is made by a company called Central States Novelty that describes itself on its website as “one of, if not the largest, wholesale supplier of novelties, gifts and general merchandise for the convenience store and truck stop industry in the Midwest.” Convenience stores and truck stops… so an upscale clientele in other words.

Our second incident involves a similar episode in which a Mexican restaurant known as "Taco Cid" in South Carolina drew national attention for selling a racist t-shirts reading “how to catch an illegal immigrant,” with an image of a box over a taco being used as bait.

Here is a picture of that item…
The owner of the restaurant is a racist woman named Leanne Snelgrove.

Believe it or not many Latinos and immigrant advocates protested the shirt as racist and offensive.

When the media reported on the racist shirts it caused a spike in sales with racist Texas Border Patrol agents.

For our final example of a failed attempt at humor let us examin Myrtle Beach's very own racist Tea Partier, Bob Cramer. He was selling a “Witch doctor Obama” T-shirt he created all by himself at South Carolina Tea Party convention. Cramer said his shirt is selling like hotcakes.

Here is a picture of said shirt...
Now here is what is funny albeit unintentionally… Cramer claims the shirt isn't racist. How does he know it’s not racist?  Cramer backs up his statement by explaining that “I’ve had people chase me down at gas stations asking me where they can buy one, and give me thumbs up on the highway,” He went on to say “Nobody’s tried to mess with my truck, even when I’ve been in black neighborhoods and other places.”

Old Bob, still adamant about how non-racist his racist shirt was, explained that even though “Some people tell me it’s racist, it’s not racistit’s political ... Matter of fact, that’s how I got invited here.”

Cramer said so many Tea Party attendees have asked him about the shirt, that he’s considering bringing order forms to the convention on its second day.

Speakers at that tea party convention included U.S. Reps. Jeff Duncan and Tom Rice, Sen. Tim Scott, Gov. Nikki Haley, and Attorney General Alan Wilson.

…And Republicans wonder why they lost the black vote by a margin of 93% to 6% and the Latino vote by a margin of 71% to 27%.


  1. Racist s the continued use of the lowercase spelling word 'black' when referring to a whole segment of our population, as opposed to the correct spelling of 'Black'. People need to lighten up in America! The bumper stickers and t-shirts were funny, although, borderline with the shirt. Are we not allowed to have a sense of humor nowadays? Also, you might want to be careful about publishing contact names of people and attempting to incite anger in your readers. If they get hurt, you will probably get sued.