Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Cure For Benghazi Fever...

This graphic is for any of you that have friends or family that are mesmerized by the fake Benghazi scandal.

The next time a Fox watching, Limbaugh listening or Beck obeying zombie starts regurgitating their set talking points on the "Benghazi cover up" relay this information to them and see what they have to say…
16 Americans died in these attacks... (Click picture to enlarge)

In most cases a well trained wingnut is programmed to reply by pulling this line out of their asses... "well, no one ever accused Bush or his administration of wrongdoing or a cover up".

To this inane comment simply answer them by saying that Democrats and Liberals don't use dead Americans as pawns to gain political points. Only Republicans would use the corpses of murdered diplomats and soldiers as stepping stones for personal and political gain.

In additional breaking news on this subject the White House has just released "secret" emails showing that the CIA, rather than the State Department, drove many of the changes to the talking points that have the Republicans in such an uproar.

Lets see if the GOP changes course and goes after the fine men and women over at the C.I.A. (i.e. General David Petraeus) instead of their current targets President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… I'm guessing not.

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