Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father Of Gun Violence Victim Heckled At Anti Gun Rally

In Concord, New Hampshire gun enthusiast and supporters of Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte (AKA moronic heartless lunatics) interrupted and heckled anti-gun demonstrator John Cantin who's daughter Melissa was murdered by her estranged husband. Cantin was also shot in the attack as he witnessed his daughter's death.

This YouTube video from the event you can see one mouth breathing gun rights whacko repeatedly interrupt and browbeat Cantin while imbeciles in the crowd also heckle him. When Cantin refuses to be intimidated the crowd tries to drown out his words out by chanting “Ayotte! Ayotte!”.

The scene is ugly and repulsive and I think very representative of the majority of the people on the right who cling to their guns like a petulant uneducated man child crying for his deadly poisonous pacifier.

Very few things I have seen have made me this mad.

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