Monday, June 24, 2013

Gun Protest Heckler Daniel Musso Arrested... House Then Burns Down... I'm Serious!

Here's some feel good news...

The red shirted imbecile in the "Father Of Gun Violence Victim Heckled At Anti Gun Rally" (posted below) video has been identified as Daniel Musso of New Hampshire. What is not shown in the video is that moments after Musso left the stage he was subdued with a stun gun and arrested by police.

Apparently karma wasn't done with Musso yet because later in the week he found that his house had caught on fire causing $150,000 in damage.

Police told the local paper that the events of Musso's difficult week are seemingly coincidental and the fire was ruled an accident.

Sometimes life just makes you smile.

Here is the video of Musso's arrest. In it you can hear him before the police arrive laughing and asking someone "Am I going to be on the news"... All class Danny. The video starts after Musso heckles gun violence victim John Cantin, whose daughter Mellisa was murdered, and then leaves the stage to gloat...

Here is the incident from another angle... CLICK HERE!

Thank you fascist jack booted thugs... Very few things have made me happier.

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