Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hannity's Hypocrisy On NSA Surveillance

This week Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out at the Obama administration over recent revelations of Internet and phone surveillance carried out by the National Security Agency. After squealing about it for a good long time Hannity then promised his viewers that "anarchy and tyranny will follow."

But as we all remember back in 2006 a similar NSA spying scandal was unearthed during President George W. Bush's administration. The problem here is that Hannity wasn't in the slightest bit concerned with the Bush administrations Internet and phone surveillance program. As a matter of fact he came out as a staunch defender of the Bush and NSA saying it was "staggering to me we are even debating the use of these techniques in this country even at this time."

Hannity a hypocrite... Shocking I know!

Now thanks to Media Matters who have put together a mashup of Hannity's comments, we can plainly compare his ever shifting position according to who is controlling the White House.

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