Monday, July 15, 2013

No Justice For Trayvon (Pics)

We now have George Zimmerman, the Florida justice system and the Stand Your Ground law to thank for handing out a free pass to gun down black and brown men and boys.

According to the verdict reached at the Zimmerman trial if you are a black or brown person who wants to go to the store for a drink and some candy you can be shot down by absolutely anyone and all they have to do is say "He didn't belong in this neighborhood, we started fighting, I couldn't win the fight, so I had to shoot him in self defense".

What the verdict in this trial says is that if anyone finds a black or brown person (aka "suspicious") walking in their neighborhood they can stalk them, attack them and murder them free of charge.

What the verdict in this trial says is go out and pick yourself up a gun and become a member of your neighborhood watch group…. Then go hunting.

What the verdict in this trial says that if you are a black or brown person it is ok for anyone to racially profile you and track you down (even when the police tell them not to as was the case with Zimmerman) and shoot you through the heart.

What the verdict in this trial says is if you start a fight with anyone but can't win that fight it's ok to shoot the person dead.

What the verdict in this trial says is the "Stand Your Ground" law is a get out of jail free card if you want to stalk and murder, as George Zimmerman put it, one of those "…assholes (who) always get away” or one of those " …fucking punks," and claim you were acting in self-defense.

What the verdict in this trial says is that if Trayvon Martin had survived the shooting he would have been charged with attempted murder and would have been found guilty.

Know this: As you are reading this post Trayvon Martin's lifeless body is buried six feet deep and George Zimmerman already has the gun he used to kill him with back in his possession.

There is something wrong with this country...


  1. "There is something wrong with this country...". I couldn't agree more. The fact American people keeps glorifying violence is just terrible and it's incompatible with a first world country.
    By the way, pardon this commentary, but are you a journalist or something? Is there any newspaper or magazine where I can read you? I ask because your articles are too detailed and too well written for a personal blog. I always come back to read your opinion about current events, since I always agree 100% with you.

  2. Eduardo, I think your assessment is dead on that these gun laws and the general violence in America are incompatible with what we perceive a first world country to be. If I didn't see reminders that we were moving forward in America, as in the case of marriage equality or the election and re-election of the first African American President, I would probably just hang it up. Every day I see baby steps of improvement and it keeps hope alive.

    As for whether I am a journalist… first of all thank you for even reading the rants I post here. The fact that anyone besides spambots and my immediate family read my blog still amazes me. I am most definitely not a journalist (but thank you for asking). My only training comes from writing in college. I started writing again in 2004 when i started a website called "I Hate Red State" which I scrapped it for this blog in 2009. All I can say is that I am very lucky to have an outlet like this or I'd probably wind up in the middle of my local supermarket parking lot on an empty laundry detergent palate barking like a dog.