Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pennsylvania's Police Chief Mark Kessler Has A Tiny Penis

The title of my post is not intended to be inflammatory or derogatory but instead merely a proposed hypothetical to explain an action or behavior. What reason could a man have to be so angry and full of vitriol? Why would a man need to use such infantile hurtful words and hurl sad pathetic homophobic slurs? I present to you a case study in misplaced anger.... The case of one Mr. Mark Kessler.

Mark Kessler, police chief of Gilberton Burough and a member of the North Schuylkill school board has taken to the You Tubes to fire off some angry commentary about the "libtards who take it in the ass" that supposedly want to take away all his guns.

Here is a small sample of Kessler's regrettable diatribe…

"Fuck all you libtards out there ... yous take it in the ass, I don't give a fuck what you say, so you can all go fuck yourselves. Period."

Someone call Mensa.

Here is the full video in which you can plainly witness that officer Kessler's behavior reeks of small penis...
click image for video
After officer Kessler's adolescent video tantrum seemed to achieve the reaction he had hoped for (ie anger) he then made a video in which he offers a somewhat less than sincere "sorry" for "hurting feelings,". Kessler then seemingly delights (a little too much I might add) by shooting off many rounds of ammunition from several automatic assault weapons.

Here is the full video and what I believe is overwhelming and definitive proof that Mark Kessler is endowed with what they call in the medical profession a "micro-penis"….
click image for video
According to the local paper Kessler has also organized a volunteer group called the Constitutional Security Force. Considering his condition one would not find this surprising in the slightest. According to Kessler his group doesn't consider itself to be a militia but it has vowed to take up arms to protect against tyranny. I feel that if this "security force" were instead turned into group therapy that it would be a more advantageous use of Mr. Kessler's time but that is merely one man's opinion.

As per the videos many local residents  have reportedly raised concerns with town officials and at least one borough councilman has called the videos "unacceptable" for a police chief. Gilberton's gutless Mayor, Mary Lou Hannon, noted that Kessler's actions came during his "free time," and said it would be "terribly inappropriate to comment". In addition Mary Lou stated that she wouldn't want to "impede its employees' First Amendment rights,"

As of this time there are no plans to reprimand Kessler.

Let's all hope Mr. Kessler receives the help he so desperately needs. There are many treatment options available to him as far as penile augmentation is concerned that would thereby disavail him of the need to use firearms which is, as we can plainly see, a wholly inadequate substitute for his obvious shortcomings.

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