Monday, July 8, 2013

What Would A 4th Of July Be Without A Racist Parade Float

For my money the 4th of July has always been about fireworks, cook outs, mosquito bites and warm beer from an old beat up blue cooler filled with yellow melted ice water. I thought this was the consensus amongst the majority of Americans. I was wrong.

Apparently some people associate the birth of America with racial insensitivity and the mockery of racial equality. Well, at least a few of the good folk living in Hope Mills North Carolina celebrate in just that way.

As it turns out Hope Mills Fourth of July parade contained a float that was in such bad taste that it has prompted officials to review the town's parade application process.

The float in question contained…. a bed full of watermelons attached to a John Deere tractor with a confederate flag attached to the back. For good measure the creators of the float attached two small white signs to the sides of the flatbed one of which read "White History Month" and the other exclaimed "hug wht ppl."

Believe it or not some parade goers weren't feeling the love and complained to town officials with phone calls or emails while others voiced their concerns on the Facebook page of the town's Parks and Recreation Department.

The genius behind this ignorant and embarrassing float was a man by the name of Donnie Spell. Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Kenny Bullock, said the float was one of eight entered by good ol' Donnie who unfortunately could not be reached for comment.

Bullock said he had asked a member of Spell's family to take the signs down before the parade started and did not know why they did not comply with the request. Apparently Bullock learned the signs were still on the tractor midway through the parade when people started calling him.

Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner said she received a few phone calls and an email about the float but conveniently failed to notice the offending float during the festivities.

Ah, racism. It's as American as baseball apple pie and bigoted 4th of July parade floats.

Here are a few more pictures of Donnie Spell masterpiece...

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  1. I loved the "hug wht ppl" part. They write just like me when I'm texting except I'm not an ignorant racist bigot XD