Saturday, August 10, 2013

According To Poll Paula Deen Ranks As More Favorable Among Georgia Republicans Than Martin Luther King, Jr.

Public Policy Polling asked Republicans in Georgia to choose between two public figures who hail from that state. The choices were between N-word spouting TV chef Paula Deen and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.. Stunningly (or not) Deen overwhelmingly won the popularity contest.

According to the PPP poll he disgraced racist celebrity chef has an overall 73% favorability rating with Georgia Republicans; Martin Luther King, Jr. has a 59% favorability among self-identified Republicans in Georgia.

Here is the tweet Public Policy Polling sent out from its survey of the Peach State...
Yes, you are reading the tweet correctly. Georgia Republicans also had a 28 percent unfavorable rating of Dr. King whereas Deen only weighed in at 11 percent disapproval.

That is all....

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  1. And that explains why they vote the way they vote...