Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loudmouth Gun Nut Mark Kessler Still Has All His Guns... But Not His Job

After a closed-door disciplinary hearing the council members of Gilberton have now made it official in a 6 to 1 vote that they will fire their town's village idiot and police chief Mark Kessler.

Last month Kessler was suspended after he posted online videos of himself shooting automatic weapons while he spewed profanity-laced tirades about his unrequited love of guns, the Second Amendment and his vitriolic hatred of liberals, minorities, President Obama plus everyone in his administration.

Gilberton council members did not arrived at their decision based solely on Kessler's video rants but also in light of the fact that he was found to be organizing his personal armed, non-government group known as "The Constitution Security Force" whose stated mission is to defend the constitution and the country from tyranny.

Other infractions taken into account concerning Kessler's firing included the allegations that he improperly used a state-administered program to buy discounted tires for his personal vehicle, failed to submit required crime data and made derogatory comments about borough officials

Kessler, while insisting he was simply exercising his constitutional rights in the videos, said the town council's decision was "no surprise… We knew it was coming,".

After hearing the news of his dismissal Kessler stood with his attorney outside his disciplinary hearing and told reporters  that he had been in fact an "excellent police chief" and had "nothing to apologize for". He added that "My message was to wake up the people who are independents to say, `We've had enough and something needs to change, because we're in bad shape all around. Not only here in this little town but across the nation. It's a mess.'"

After Kessler's self serving comments he immediately proceeded to solicit donations from the crowd to "help keep his family afloat financially" during his unpaid suspension, which he said was "really stressful".

Unsurprisingly gun rights activists descended upon the community of about 800 people to show support for Kessler, some carrying flags and displaying weapons. A man carrying a semi-automatic AK-47 named Bob Gardner, who said he belonged to Kessler's "Constitution Security Force", expounded that he thought "Mark has gotten railroaded. He was exercising his First Amendment rights by backing it up with his Second Amendment rights."

Here are some pictures of the "patriots"who showed up to support ex-police chief Mark Kessler...

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