Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pat Robertson Claims Gay People Deliberately Spread HIV And AIDS With Special "Rings Which Would Cut Fingers And Transfer Blood"

Recently on the 700 Club, resident lunatic Pat Robertson told his (numb to it all by now) co-host Terry Meeuwsen that gay men have been cutting unsuspecting people with a special ring that would cut fingers and transfer blood when shaking someone's hands in an attempt to spread HIV and AIDS.

Robertson's insane accusation was part of a response to a question from a woman who wondered if it was wrong for the church not to inform her that a man she was driving to worship services is “dying of AIDS,”

Robertson began his answer to the question with this opening salvo...

What to say if you’re driving an elderly man whose got AIDS? Don’t have sex with them"

Now there's some sage Christ-like advice.

Robertson went on to say that he believes that there is a conspiracy being perpetrated by the gay community saying “There are laws now, I think the homosexual community has put these draconian laws on the books that prohibit people from discussing this particular affliction, you can tell somebody you had a heart attack, you can tell them they’ve got high blood pressure, but you can’t tell anybody you’ve got AIDS,”

I personally have yet to hear of any such laws but I have had a busy week.

Alas Robertson didn’t stop there… It was time to dive into the deep end and despite his co-host's attempt to keep Robertson from veering off into one of his now famous anti-gay fever dreams, Robertson just had to go his special place.

Pat continued: “You know what they do in San Francisco, some in the gay community there they want to get people so if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your fingerReally. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.”

On the episode his Christian Broadcasting Network posted online the company edited out Robertson’s nutso "ring conspiracy" comments after they originally aired. In addition CBN has also removed the video of the exchange from YouTube, Daily Motion and it was also taken down by Vimeo.

Despite CBN vigilant work the video remains on the internets thanks to the great website RightWingWatch.com. You can see the full clip here available on Flickr.com.…
Click image to view video
Robertson has since issued a non-apology to The Atlantic, by explaining that...

"In my own experience, our organization sponsored a meeting years ago in San Francisco where trained security officers warned me about shaking hands because, in those days, certain AIDS-infected activists were deliberately trying to infect people like me by virtue of rings which would cut fingers and transfer blood. I regret that my remarks had been misunderstood, but this often happens because people do not listen to the context of remarks which are being said."

I weep at the heartfelt sincerity and true regret embodied in Robertson's contrite words...

After reading the previous story I strongly urge you to watch Anderson Coopers takedown of Pat Robertson and his hateful ignorant statements. I consider the Silver Fox's dismantling of Robertson's hate mongering a palette cleanser for the brain…
Click image to view much needed video

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