Thursday, October 10, 2013

Republican Blink

Republicans are lower than cockroaches... Literally.

I will explain this statement later but allow me to start with this...

It seems that the Republican's fever dream of burning America and it's government to the ground has broken. Apparently their designs on destroying the country through a Republican led "government shutdown" and the continual threat of "defaulting on the debt ceiling" seems to be abating.

Evidence of this miraculous turnaround happened just tonight as story after story leaked out of Washington this evening that the Republicans are all of the sudden willing to negotiate ending the shutdown and pass the debt ceiling resolution. What's more is that they now say they would do this in a bill that would not... I repeat, would not...  include any language about defunding or delaying "Obamacare" in it.

How did this happen when just a few days ago Republicans posed a unified front on these issues. Mere days ago they all but praised what they referred to as the "Government Slimdown" and exclaimed that their was "no danger in not raising the debt ceiling" all the while extolling the inherent evil that was the America destroying, freedom killing "Obamacare" menace.

What possibly could have happened to bring about this change in events. What could have changed the minds of these true believers who just days ago would never have abandoned their singular raison d'etre.

What... could... have... done... this?

Simply put, bad polling.

As a result of the Republicans stunt of taking our nations government and credit rating hostage over the last week or two has resulted in some history making bad poll numbers for them.

According to a Gallup poll released yesterday only 28 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the Republican Party. This number is down 10 percentage points from just last month. The polling firm called it a "record low," saying "it was the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992."

Here is a chart of that poll...
Click image for a larger view
To make make matters even worse for the GOP the percentage of Americans rating the Republicans unfavorably also reached a record high of 62 percent. What is even more remarkable is that over one-quarter of Republicans (27 percent) viewed their own party unfavorably.

To put this in historical perspective the last time the Republicans were this hated was in 1998 following the House of Representatives vote to impeach President Bill Clinton when they experienced a drop from 43 to 31 percent.

This brings us to what is really terrifying the Republicans in these polling numbers. Back in 1998 the negative perceptions of Republicans during the impeachment debate helped Democrats to gain five House seats in the November 1998 election. The GOP is petrified that this might happen again.

From haters to whores.

In other words the only thing the Republicans care more about than their hatred of President Obama is the horrifying prospect of losing all the power and all that corporate donor money that they have grown so used to.

For your viewing pleasure here is a list of things that are presently more popular than our American congress according to the same Gallup poll...

Cockroaches/Congress : 44/42

Hemorhoids/Congress : 53/31

Dog Shit/Congress : 47/40

Toenail Fungus/Congress : 44/41

Mothers In Law/Congress : 64/20

Fundraising Drives/Congress : 60/25

Wall Street/Congress : 46/15

Witches/Congress : 46/32

Zombies/Congress : 43/37

Hipsters/Congress : 42/33


In additional bad news for conservatives the "Tea Party" scored a measly and embarrassing 21 percent approval rating in the same poll.

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