Friday, January 8, 2016

It Turns Out The Most Conservative Republican Led States Are The Worst Welfare Queens!

This is a Fox News graphic I borrowed... I enjoy the irony.
Over the last several years if you have listened to a conservative, a Republican, or any old right wing pundit you know when it comes to welfare, food stamps or any kind of government entitlement program it is the liberal Democrats who constantly suck at the teat of big government. Hell, it's how the democrats get people to vote for them... "free stuff"! Yes the promise of Obama-phones, unlimited unemployment benefits, and free health care is how the Democrats stay in power all at the expense of the taxes paid by the good hard working Americans.

Well... As it turns out the reality of the "Entitlement Nation" that Fox News loves so much to wail about is just a little different than was advertised.

A new analysis by the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan research group devoted to educating taxpayers, shows that some of the most conservative states in the nation are the most dependent on the federal government.

So despite the fact that Republicans scream about how much they hate the federal government it is the reddest states, mostly in the Bible Belt, that actually rely on our tax dollars far more than the most liberal states in the nation.

The numbers are calculated as a share of government revenue coming from the Fed, as opposed to self-reliant sources within their own state. Each state is given a percentage (located on the map below). This can include Medicaid payments, education funding, infrastructure financing, grants, etc.

Start off by looking at this list of the top ten most conservative and liberal states…

Click image for a bigger view
Now look at at a map of which states rely most heavily on federal aid…

Click image for a bigger view
The reddest of red states Mississippi ranks #1 in both categories; it’s the most conservative and the neediest. Next in the takers line is Louisiana. Both are the neediest states with federal aid accounting for 43 percent and 42 percent of their respective overall revenues in fiscal 2013. Five states are among both the 10 most conservative and the 10 most reliant on federal funds. In addition, four states are among both the 10 most liberal and the 10 least reliant on federal funds.

So take this info into consideration the next time some low information ditto-head decides he wants to school you on who the real "takers" are.

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