Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kentucky GOP Propose Bill To Delay School Year To Accommodate Creationist Museum... In Related News Science Hangs Itself

Creationist Ken Ham and his magical 6000 year old dinosaur bringing in the big money!
Kentucky Republicans have decided to put the profits of Ken Ham's creationist “Noah’s Ark” museum ahead of the education of their state’s children.

Bill, SB-50, the proposed bill, would keep schools closed until the end of August in order to allow the brand spanking new Creation Museum and it's “life-sized” mock up of Noah’s Ark more time to separate a few more rubes from their hard earned cash by adding a couple more weeks of the tourist season.

Unfortunately almost none of the money made would be coming back to the state. Ham labels his “ministry” as a tax-exempt church, and thus pays little to no taxes. Therefore keeping kids out of school and keeping the museum open would only serve to make the state more ignorant, the residents poorer, and Ham richer.

It would seem that Ham, the right-wing, anti-gay, creationist apparently has Kentucky’s Republican-led legislature and some extra coin in his pocket.

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