Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pat Robertson Says: Beware Satanic Rock Music That "Summons Demons"!

Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson fielded a question from a teenage viewer who called to inquire about the sin of listening to the rock & roll! The young man asked the preacher...

Rocking' Pat Robertson replied to the young chap that he should be wary of listening to songs that may contain violent, Satanic lyrics and "beats" that could summon demonic beings.

He the laid this sage advice on the boy...

It depends on what rock you’re listening to. Some of the stuff is just evil. They used to talk about killing your parents and there were just some other things. There were odes to Satan. You don’t want that stuff coming into your mind. There’s some beat that’s out there that, you know, probably isn’t all that bad, although in one Indian context, they were playing rock music and the person said, ‘Why are you calling on the demons?,’ because that was the kind of music they used to summon demons.

You can watch the whole rocking mess here...

Click image to see video

So kids, stay away from that rap & hop and the heavy metals... It'll summon the demons... if you're lucky!

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