Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Poll Confirms That Donald Trump's Supporters Are Undeniably Racist, Homophobic And Bigoted

A new Public Policy Poll of Republican voters from South Carolina, whose primary is this Saturday, was released yesterday. The poll, which involved likely GOP primary voters was an embarrassing peek into the states racial and cultural leanings. It's when you get to Donald Trump supporters that things get downright frightening

First lets get a feel for the types of people that were involved in this poll...

Now that we know who we are dealing with lets get to the real question and answer session. Now get ready because this gets real ugly real quick...

And for the win!!!!

That's right!!! Ten percent of South Carolina's Republicans believe whites are a "superior" race and another eleven percent need just a little more time to think about it!

In this poll it's the "Not Sure" people that give me the most uneasy feeling. It leads me to believe that either these people literally do not know their own opinion or have no opinion on these unbelievably important issues. It's either that or the subject would rather play their cards close to the vest and not divulge their prejudices... and in all seriousness how can you not know how you feel about these subjects. That leaves only one other option.

Now you might think that's some crazy s*#t right there but just wait until you get a load of the numbers when you single out Trump supporters...

So if any of us were wondering just what was driving the success of Donald Trump's campaign we need wonder no longer. It's fear, racism and bigotry, plain and simple.

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