Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Martin O'Malley Ends His Campaign

Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley has ended his campaign. 

After a poor showing at the Iowa caucuses, in which the former Baltimore mayor won less than 1 percent of the state’s delegates, he officially ended his run for the presidency. 

His struggling campaign came as a surprise to many as he appeared to be well-liked by voters as well as having a litany of progressive accomplishments as governor such as: legalization of same-sex marriage, repeal of the death penalty and passage of Maryland’s version of the Dream Act to benefit college-bound undocumented immigrants.

While at Wooly’s bar in Des Moines after the Iowa caucus results O’Malley stated...

I want to thank everyone who came out to our events and lent me their ear and everyone who went out to caucus for me tonight... This fight continues. We fought very, very hard in order to give the people a choice, and the people have made their choice tonight,” 

O’Malley has not endorsed either of the other candidates yet.

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