Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ten Down Seven To Go: Chris Christie Is Today's Biggest Loser

The GOP's resident bully and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has officially suspended his presidential campaign after a poor finish in the 2016 New Hampshire primary.

Christie formally announced his withdrawal from the race via Facebook post...

Christie was never a front-runner after entering the race despite being talked up by the GOP establishment for his tough "Tell It Like It Is" persona. Despite the high praise Christie started slipping in the polls almost immediately when even Republicans in his home state said Christie wouldn't be their top choice for president. OUCH!

In an interesting note it has been rumored that Christie was hired to "take out" Marco Rubio in last weekend's Republican debate in return for a possible spot as vice president on the GOP presidential ticket. That theory seems more plausible now that he has dropped out of the campaign a mere less than 24 hours after doing just that!

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