Friday, February 5, 2016

Watch The 5th Democratic Debate Edited For Your Pleasure By 5 Different News Sites!

Last night MSNBC featured the Democrat's fifth installment of their candidates presidential debates. This was the very first debate featuring only Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders going mano a mano being that fellow candidate Martin O'Malley just dropped out of the race. Even though the event featured only the two candidates it was chock full-o fireworks as Mrs. Clinton let loose on Bernie and gave him the what for! Bernie, in the line of Clintons fire, managed to hold his own though. All in all the punditocracy has deemed this as one of the best debates in recent years and I must agree. It was a barnburner!

Despite the fact that it was a lively and watchable event we have gone ahead and found you some clips of the debate edited down to bite size pieces fit for your brains easy consumption.


Here is Time's take on the tête-à-tête in under four minutes...

Click image for video

Here is the Huffington Post's edit in three minutes and fifteen...

Click image for video

Here is the Washington Post's splice in three minutes flat...

Click image for video

Here is USA Today's cut in three minutes as well...

Click image for video

Finally it's MSNBC's go around in a mere ninety seconds...

Click image for video

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