Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SUPER DUPER TUESDAY RESULTS: Clinton Sweeps, Trump Wins Florida, Rubio Drops Out

The third consecutive Tuesday to feature primary voting conventions, which has been deemed as “Mega Tuesday”, had five separate states heading to the polls and the delegate count at stake was steep.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton padded her lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, while Donald Trump has almost put the GOP race out of reach with another dominating performance. The only other candidate to win a state was John Kasich who held on to his home state of Ohio.

On a final note, after losing his homestate of Florida, Marco Rubio tipped his cap, grabbed his water bottle and exited stage right.

Here is how the contests played out for this Mega Tuesday states...

Republican's Results

Democrat's Results

*Note: Hillary Clinton's delegate count actually stands at 1,561 when her pledged super-delegates are included...

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