Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tough Guy Trump Wets His Pants Out Of Fear As The Secret Service Surround His Fat Sweaty Cowardly Ass (VIDEO)

Hey, tough guy! 

Hey, Mr. "I wanna punch that guy in the face!"

What Happened? I thought all these protestors were just a bunch of "looosers!"

I guess Mr. Trump's "very powerful hands" are only to be used for pushing secret service agents in between himself and lone protestors.

The scene is from today's rally in Dayton, Ohio where Trump was telling a youge crowd how he would force American companies to stay in America because he would verbally threaten them when a protestor ran to the stage shouting causing Trump to wheel around and promptly soil his knickers.

Watch the full video of coward Trump loosing his shit at the mere thought of any confrontation...

Click image for video

If you were counting it took him a full minute and twenty five to compose himself.

To top all this off, sources have now confirmed that macho man Donald Trump will bail out on Sunday's downtown rally at the Duke Energy Center due to "security measures". The campaign says the blame lies with the secret service because...

"...too much time has passed for the Secret Service to do what they need to do, and it’s not going to happen.

Throw the secret service under the bus and head for the hills.

I guess in Trump's world that's how you instill confidence and show that the buck stops with you!

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