Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WESTERN TUESDAY RESULTS: Trump Takes All In Arizona, Cruz Takes All In Utah And Clinton Cleans Up In Delegates (PICS)

Democrats and Republicans headed to primary and caucus last night in what I guess is now being called "Western Tuesday" because I assume they have run out of names to call these Tuesday event thingies.

Donald Trump notched critical victories in the Arizona which is a winner take all state. Cruz did the same in Utah. Kasich wound up with a goose egg for the night and was even beaten by Marco Rubio in Arizona despite the fact he is no longer running.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton also picked up the win in Arizona while Bernie Sanders ended up winning the night's northern prizes in Utah and Idaho. Despite Sanders winning more states Clinton walked away with more delegates.

Here's how the numbers worked out after the dust settled...

Here is the delegate count as it presently stands...

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