Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NEW YORK PRIMARY: Clinton And Trump Take New York!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won resounding victories in New York tonight which, for both of them, will go a long way in answering questions about their command of their status as the front-runners for their nominations.

On the Democratic side Clinton handily won New York’s primary recapturing the state that twice elected her U.S. senator. The victory adds to her delegate lead and damages Sanders’ claims that he can catch up to her. More importantly, it avoids what would have been an embarrassing loss in a race that Sanders had all but guaranteed a win.

On the Republicans side Trump notched a convincing victory in his home state. This gives the  GOP front-runner breathing room following a turbulent campaign shakeup and a slew of delegate wins by fellow competitor "Lyin'" Ted Cruz. Interestingly Cruz finished a distant third, behind John Kasich, many believe for his anti-New York statements.

Here is how it all shook out after the votes were counted...

For The Democrats

For The Republicans

Here's how the delegate count stacks up after tonight's contests...

2,383 delegates needed to win

1,237 delegates needed to win

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