Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Destroys Trump For "Rooting" For The Housing Collapse (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took on Republican bully Donald Trump and cut him to ribbons for openly rooting for the housing collapse that destroyed our economy and the lives of millions just so he could make a quick buck.

In a 2006 Trump University audiobook Trump was asked about the gloomy outlook on our nation's real estate market to which Trump said quite openly that the prospect was actually something he was looking forward to...

I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. If there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know you can make a lot of money… If you’re in a good cash position — which I’m in a good cash position today — then people like me would go in and buy like crazy.

Warren, who was obviously livid over the comments, said Tuesday night at a Washington, D.C., gala for the Center for Popular Democracy...

What kind of a man does that? Root for people to get thrown out on the street? Root for people to lose their jobs? Root for people to lose their pensions? Root for two little girls in Clark County, Nevada, to end up living in a van? I’ll tell you exactly what kind. A man who cares about no one but himself. A small, insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care who gets hurt, so long as he makes some money off it. What kind of man does that? A man who will never be president of the United States.

Mic drop. Watch here...

Trump retaliated to Senator Warren's withering attack by calling her "Pocahontas" a reference to her native American heritage.

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