Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fed Warns North Carolina That Their Anti-LGBT Law Violates Civil Rights Act

The Justice Department has informed North Carolina's Pat McCrory that his state's law that bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity violates federal civil rights laws by discriminating against students and employees on the basis of sex.

The federal government says that the law violates both the rights of employees under the Civil Rights Act and the rights of students under Title IX.

Vanita Gupta, the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, then told McCrory that he had until until Monday to confirm that “the State will not comply with or implement HB2,” according to The Charlotte Observer.

The law, Gupta wrote...

is facially discriminatory against transgender employees on the basis of sex because it treats transgender employees, whose gender identity does not match their biological sex, as defined by HB2, differently from similarly situated non transgender employees.

North Carolina’s homophobic Republicans responses to the DOJ's rebuke were quick, hyperbolic and inflammatory.

LGBTerrified Gov. Pat McCrory

Governor McCrory called the letter...

something we’ve never seen regarding Washington overreach in my lifetime.

House Speaker Tim Moore, who said the GOP leaders are consulting attorneys about a response said…

It looks an awful lot like politics to me. I guess President Obama, in his final months in office, has decided to take up this ultra-liberal agenda.

Senate President Phil Berger called the ruling...

a gross overreach” that “deserves to be struck down in federal court.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest of course blamed the Obama administration saying...

To use our children and their educational futures as pawns to advance an agenda that will ultimately open those same children up to exploitation at the hands of sexual predators is, by far, the sickest example of the depths the … administration will stoop to fundamentally transform our nation,

Kellie Fiedorek of the Alliance Defending Freedom called the DOJ's ruling...

absurd” that the Civil Rights Act is “intended to force states to open their restrooms to people of the opposite biological sex. The DOJ should stop bullying North Carolina with falsehoods about what federal law requires.

The North Carolina Values Coalition, the state’s primary anti-LGBT advocacy group, suggested, 

The DOJ should be ashamed of itself for bullying North Carolinians, compromising the privacy and safety of our citizens, and spreading lies about what the clear language of Title IX and Title VII state.” and “force our little girls to undress in front of men.

It is estimated that the discriminatory law has cost the state hundrreds of jobs, $500 million in economic impact, and is now risking Title IX funding meaning that the state could lose out on millions of dollars in federal school funding 

It is hard to know just how much money this "religious freedom" bill will cost the state but I imagine when all is said and done it will not have been worth it just to look like you were the toughest bathroom penis police in the land.


Speaker Moore announced Thursday that the legislation "will take no action by Monday." Speaking to the reporters, he confirmed that the DOJ's deadline...

"...will come and go. We don’t ever want to lose any money, but we’re not going to get bullied by the Obama administration to take action prior to Monday’s date. That’s not how this works."

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