Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fox News Attacks Obama For Naming The Bison As The National Mammal Because It Replaces The Bald Eagle... Which Is THE NATIONAL BIRD!

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Yesterday the crazy kids on Fox & Friends attacked President Obama for naming the bison the national mammal by suggesting that the President was replacing the bald eagle with said bison.

It this were even remotely true I might give the loons at Fox News a little leeway but it's not even close. You see the mighty bison cannot replace the majestic bald eagle as the "National Mammal" because the bald eagle is not a mammal... it's a freaking bird!!!!

But Fox News, who has never been know to let facts get in the way of a good attack piece, pressed on. 

They began by inviting guest Al Cecere, president of the American Eagle Foundation, there with an eagle named "Challenger". From there co-host Brian Kilmeade said in introducing the segment....

"The bald eagle may be America's national symbol but now the bison are also being elevated to the same status. President Obama naming the behemoths the national mammal, putting them on par with the bald eagle,"

Co-dunce Steve Doocy then asked the eagle directly...

 “How do you feel? Challenger’s been buffaloed,"

After a few minutes of chit chat and eagle facts Doocy lamented...

Have we forgotten why the bald eagle is America’s original symbol of freedom?

Cecere then told the viewers that there’s no threat since the bald eagle has been the national “BIRD” for 234 years and proceeded to explain to the panel the amount of recognition the eagle gets from the Obama administration.

Not having any of that kind of talk Kilmeade interjected...

"Isn't this the same administration that said it's okay to start killing them?"

Before the segment concluded, Cecere reiterated that the bald eagle would retain its status as the country's "premier symbol."

Dullard Kilmeade finish up by interjecting...

"So don't worry, Challenger, you're the still the man... the bird."

The eagle then, in all seriousness, tried really hard to fly the fuck away!

Watch here...

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