Saturday, May 28, 2016

North Carolina Will Now Enforce Anti-Trans Bathroom Law As Trespassing

How much does North Carolina Republicans hate their LGBT community? More than anyone else in the country and their willing to prove it.

 After severe backlash North Carolina's GOP is willing to triple down on their potty police patrols by implemented a new law to discriminate against the transgender people of their state.

Gov. Pat McCrory

Republican North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said this week that the state will enforce HB2, the law passed in March that keeps transgender people from using the public bathroom that aligns with their gender identity, like trespassing.

"We're using trespassing laws that we were using before House Bill 2, we're using that now. But you know, it's just basic privacy rights and that's trespassing and we'll continue to do that just like we were doing long before the Charlotte ordinance. So nothing's really changed in that regard."

This means that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department will now be empowered to enforce  the HB2 law through indecent exposure, trespassing, and other various criminal laws.

Panty checkers and birth certificate screeners can't be far off now.

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