Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Last night voters from West Virginia and Nebraska took to their local voting establishments to cast ballots for the three remaining candidates.

On the Republican's side their was little drama as Donald Trump, the only remaining candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, easily won both state's primaries. Trump, never one to pass up a boast, said of his decisive wins over nobody...

It is a great honor to have won both West Virginia and Nebraska, especially by such massive margins,

For the Democrats, who only held a primary in West Virginia, it was Sanders in a landslide. Hillary Clinton, who had been tarred with an out of context statement in which she said her policies would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business", had no chance. WV is coal country and that cost her big time. Even though she went on to say she would be putting forth plans to help those very coal miners by introducing clean renewable energy jobs her critics had seized on the remarks and the damage was done. In addition the fact the state is not what you would call racially diverse did Clinton no favors either.

In the end last night's primary outcomes did little to change the political landscape. Both frontrunners, Trump and Clinton, remain in control of first place and look to be headed for a match-up in November.

Here's how the numbers worked out after the dust settled...



Here is the delegate count as it presently stands...


1,237 delegates needed


2,383 delegates needed to win

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