Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trump Accuses Hillary Of Lying About His Quotes In Her Speech... Clinton Then Provides A Link To Every Damn Quote!

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on foreign policy or as some refer to it as the worst ass whooping Donald Trump has taken since President Obama's Trump smackdown at the 2011 correspondents dinner.

Apparently the speech in which Hillary Clinton used the Donald's own words to filet him hit home because he immediately tweeted that her insult about his being "thinned skinned" was "Not honest!".

Here is Trump's tweet in it's entirety...

Hillary must have been on tweet alert because right after Trump fired off his angry shot she responded with a link to her site "The Briefing" that lead to a quote-by-quote breakdown of her speech. In it each assertion she made about Trump’s beliefs and quotes were backed up with a link to the interview or press conference during which he said it.

Here is Secretary Clintons tweet-back...

Click to go to link

So in essence Clinton called Trump out on his lies leading him to call her a liar which in turn lead to her leading him to a site proving that he had lied and lied again!

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