Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DEMOCRATS LOSE AGAIN: Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff Fails In Bid For U.S. House Seat. Dems Lose 4 Out Of 4, Trump Taunt-Brags On Twitter

When Donald Trump was inaugurated, in order to fill out his cabinet, he recruited several members from the government including 4 members of congress to serve in his cabinet.

This meant that congressperson's seat was left open and needed to be filled by way of a "special election". That meant a Republican would have to face off against a Democrat to fill that seat.

So far these elections have occurred in Kansan, Montana and tonight in South Carolina and Georgia.

If you though the outcome of these races might be effected by Donald Trump's performance in representing these United States thus becoming a referendum on his tenure in office... You would be sadly mistaken.

Republican have won each and every one going 4 for 4.

What make this achievement all the more galling to Democrats is that after the appalling job Trump has done since taking office you'd truly think there would have been some sort of backlash. With Trump's approval numbers sitting at a horrendous 36 approval to 60 percent disapproval it would not be out of bounds to think their might be some kind of political price to pay.

But there is not.

Not even in the Montana race, in which the Republican nominee literally body slammed a reporter to the ground for asking him too many questions about the GOP health care bill (leading him to be arrested) could stop him from being elected!

What it comes down to is that in these Republican leaning red states their love of Trump and hate of anything liberal is still too strong.

And tonight that was once again the case.

In yet another win for Trump, and Trump the brand of politics, Republican Karen Handel, a 55-year-old former secretary, defeated Jon Ossoff, 30-year-old former congressional aide, in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

Even though polling had suggested Ossoff could be in play this time around in what is considered a traditional GOP stronghold it was not to be.

Even $25 million dollars of outsider money that the Democrats poured into this race, making it the most expensive house race in history, still couldn't even help.

When Republican voters got wind that an Ossoff win would reflect poorly on Donald Trump they rallied and defeated the Democrat by four more points that the polling had suggested just a few days earlier. The $25 million dollars was more of a challenge to the Republicans that an enticement for the Democrats.

Remember if a loss for Handel is a loss for Trump then it's a loss for Trump voters and they'll never let that happen. Dear leader must never be defeated lest it reflect poorly on all his subjects.

To add insult to injury Ralph Norman, a Republican, defeated Archie Parnell, a Democrat, in a South Carolina special election U.S. House race tonight as well.

It appears that no matter what Trump does or where his poll numbers stand or how badly his policies hurt those who voted for him his loyal minions will turn out and vote for him again and again and apparently anyone with an (R) in front of their names too.

If they didn't they just might have to admit they made mistake back in November.

And of course Trump couldn't help but taunt the Democrats because if he's anything he is a gracious winner...

I am assuming he is including himself (of course he is) since there have only been four special elections so far.

Here is what those races looked like...

from website Ballotpedia

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